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Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a complementary therapy involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet. This is done using specific thumb, finger, and massage techniques.

Your treatment will help to relieve stress; promote balance and inner peace; boost energy levels; improve circulation; help ease pain and tension; encourage restful sleep and aid your natural ability to heal.

Treatments last 1hr at a cost of £30.00.

Facial Reflexology: the Bergman Method full treatment 

Facial Reflexology has many benefits from working not just the reflexes on the face, but also stimulating muscle and anatomical structures which when compressed can impact the body. We have seen in many case studies great improvement in conditions such as Migraine, Sinus and hay fever symptoms, bruxism, bells palsy and whilst the focus is on the health and wellbeing aspects the added bonus is that the skin texture and appearance of frown lines and wrinkles can reduce or disappear entirely. Your first appointment will be 75 minutes will following treatments being 60 minutes.

1hr Facial Reflexology treatments cost £40.00

A course of 3 treatments, 1 week apart costs £100. Payment due at 1st treatment

Bergman Method Facial Reflexology Taster

This 30-minute taster treatment will introduce you to the unique benefits of Facial Reflexology. Not only does it aim to improve your health and well-being, it can also give you a healthy glow.

The 30 minute taster session costs £20.00

Combined Face & Foot Reflexology

30-minute Facial Reflexology followed by a 1hr Foot Reflexology treatment to give you the ultimate in relaxation and maximise the benefits of both treatments.

The 90 minute treatment cost £45.00

The Ultimate Reflexology Package

The package consists of 1hr facial reflexology followed by 1hr foot reflexology to allow you to experience the ultimate in relaxation and the full benefits of both styles and techniques of facial and foot reflexology.

The 2hr package costs £60.00

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